Beyond the rush of the city, half a world away is a secret place, dreamed of by many but visited by only a few.

A cool morning valley where the mist rises gently through shafts of filtered sunlight, while native birds sing to usher in a new day.

Where fresh ocean spray fills the air and waves crash along the rugged untamed beauty of the Western Australian coastline.

Or the rhythmic chorus of frogs and crickets echoes across a glassy pond on a still,moonlit night.

You are invited to discover these places of peace...

Be inspired, refreshed and encouraged by the beautiful soothing and relaxing instrumental recordings of musician-composer Mark Spivey as he combines the peaceful melodies of original compositions with the delightful sounds of the Australian bush, creating a uniquely moving and memorable experience.

Composed and produced in the Southwest of Western Australia, Mark's  cd's are gaining in popularity both locally and overseas as a refreshing retreat from the fast-paced lifestyle of today.

His soothing and relaxing instrumental music will touch your heart, refresh your spirit and take you on a memorable journey to the inspiring beauty and tranquility of the land called"Down Under".

"If you haven't experienced Mark Spivey for yourself, you don't want to miss the opportunity".

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